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Felted Sweater Scarf 


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Felted Sweater Scarf 

Written By: Tiffany Threadgould 



• Detergent (1) 

• Dryer (1) 

• Fabric scissors (1) 

• Ruler (1) 

• Sewing needle (1) 

Washing machine (1) 


• Old wool sweater (1) 

Embroidery floss (1) 


Wash a wool sweater in the washing machine and you'll see it shrink to child-sized. This, my 
adult-sized friends, is called felting. Agitating wool in water causes the fibers to bind onto 
each other and shrink. The great news is that this binding action creates a dense, soft 
material whose raw edges won't fray. 

I'll show you how to convert an old sweater into a scarf, and you can use this same felted 
wool for other crafty creations. (Felting works best with 100% wool sweaters.) 

The next time your favorite wool sweater accidentally slips into the wash and shrinks to 
oblivion, take another look. See it as raw material for your next craft project. You might even 
start shrinking sweaters on purpose. 

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Felted Sweater Scarf 

Step 1 — Felt your sweater. 

• Put your sweater in the washing machine on the hottest setting. Add a small amount of 
detergent, and wash. 

• Then dry on the hottest setting. 

Step 2 — Trim and cut. 

• Trim off any hem along the bottom. 

• Cut a continuous spiral around your 
sweater about 6" wide. You'll want 
your scarf to be about 50" long. 

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Felted Sweater Scarf 

Step 3 — Embellish your scarf. 

• Turn on your craftiness to 
personalize your scarf. Embellish it 
with yarn and other fabric scraps. 
Weave yarn through the scarf by 
cutting notches along the edges 
about 1" apart, then threading the 
yarn in and out of the holes. 

• Bundle up in your cozy new 

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